Flat Coated Retriever Northumberland

Flat Coated Retriever – Northumberland

Customer Review

Couldn’t love my 30th birthday present from my sister more. 
A portrait painted of the love of my life painted by the amazing pet artist Penny Richardson 

Tyne & Wear Pet Portraits in the county of Northumberland

Do you live in the Tyne and Wear district of Northumberland including Middlesborough, Hartlepool, Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland? 
Would you like to commission me to paint a pet portrait for you? 
Please telephone me on the following number:
Call Penny on 07884 198748

Alternatively, you can email me your favourite photos with any ideas you might have regarding the painting you would like.
I will then look at your specific requirements and either discuss by phone or send you an email with a written quotation which I will tailor to your requests.

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