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Picture Framing Rutland

We are a bespoke Picture Framing business established in 1990 and have 30 years experience in the picture framing industry. 
We source a large supply of outstanding quality picture frames from the most reputable picture frame manufacturers in the UK.
These include exclusive ornate gold & silver hand made english swept frames, along with raw state  oak, ash, pine, barefaced obeche and ramin for our own specialised hand stained & hand painted finished process.
We also provide a large selection of ‘finished picture frames’ including gold and silver, black and white, oval & circular frames, photo frames, desk frames etc…

As an optional extra, we can seal glazings to the frame to KEEP OUT those annoying thrip flies and any atmospheric pollutions.
We use preservation and conservation mount boards that are acid free. White core and black core boards are also available.
As an option, we also offer conservation glazing that protects your artwork from at least 93% of UV light. Please ask for more details…
All our frames are mitred, using the famous Morso Mitre Guillotine Cutting Machine, then joined from underneath using a precision underpinner.
We use state of the art mount cutters from Fletcher and Keencut, giving you the option of rectangular, square, oval and circular bevel edged mount apertures of all sizes.

If you would like to discuss your bespoke picture frame requirements, please contact us so that we can arrange a free no obligation consultation regarding your needs.

Preservation Picture Framing

Preservation Picture Framing is a method of bespoke picture framing with the ambition of preserving something, whether it be a work of art with intrinsic value or photograph’s of sentimental value.
In this process of bespoke picture framing, the act of conservation, preservation and protection are uppermost in the mind of the framer.

We specialise in preserving your artwork & memories for longer

Using preservation picture framing materials that are acid free and offering glazing that will best protect artwork from harmful UV light.
As part of our preservation picture framing practice we can also seal glazings to the frame to help stop thrip flies and atmospheric pollutions.(This is also dependant on the type of glass used)


We use DALER mount boards with varying degrees of preservation.
Dale White Core board Daler Rowney White Core board has a pure white core that holds its colour for the life of the board. It offers a clean, crisp bevel cut. Each board is lignin free, alkaline sized, pH neutral and is calcium carbonate buffered to stretch its lifespan by minimising the effects of atmospheric pollutants. The range is available in 120 colours

Daler Conservation board. 

The core is made from alphacellulose fibres, featuring a soft natural white colour that holds its colour. Each board is alkaline sized, acid free and calcium carbonate buffered for enhanced durability and longevity. Boards are lignin free with no optical brighteners. Cover papers are colour fast, resilient and bleed resistant.
Manufactured in the UK.

Daler Museum Boards

Solid boards made from 100% pure natural cotton fibres, Daler Museum Boards are available in 2 colours; White and Antique. Each board is neutral sized, acid free and calcium carbonate buffered for enhanced durability and longevity. Ideal for use with valuable works of art or antique documents, boards are lignin free with no optical brighteners.
Manufactured in the UK.

Bespoke Preservation Picture Framing

This comes at a price above standard bespoke picture framing. Doing things the right way means potentially more effort and time and inevitably more cost. It does require special materials and techniques that is always more expensive than the everyday framing practices on the market.

Picture Glass for Picture Framing


All glass available is for the purpose of bespoke picture framing in our workshop.

Float Picture Glass

2mm high quality float glass for picture framing.
We stock excellent 2mm float glass in any size up to 36″ x 48″.

3mm Artshield Plastic Glazing

This is an acrylic abrasion resistant plastic. It is very difficult to scratch and able to withstand greater impact than glass and we use this excellent glazing to send framed picture abroad. We have also used this glazing on large pictures in public places and as a security glazing for box frames holding antique items in public offices.

Conservation Glazing

We supply conservation Tru Vue clear were maximum UV protection is required and Tru Vue AR Reflection Free were maximum clarity is required.

Schott Mirogard Specialist Glass

MIROGARD Waterwhite Anti-Reflective glass that is Low in reflection, neutral in color, nearly invisible.

Museums, collections and galleries all over the world have been relying on SCHOTT
MIROGARD® Anti-Reflective Glass for decades. This practically invisible glass features an
anti-reflective optical interference coating that protects valuable works of art without
disturbing the pleasure of looking at them.

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