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Interior Design Braemar Scotland
Interior Design Braemar Scotland

The Fife Arms – Braemar.

The Fife Arms hotel has recently been completely refurbished to a very high standard with lavish textiles and antique furniture. 

We were commissioned by a London interior designer to produce a number of portraits and frames to go into the Fife Arms Hotel at Braemar. 

To the left. I was asked to add a painted oval mount and Scottish rose to each corner of the painting. Then to design and paint a range of chequered gold and black frames, one of which is on the painting to the left. 

Two further frames, the Lost Prince Charlie portrait and the Scottish Highlander Prince, are below to the left side and head of the bed.

There were six frames altogether.

Interior Design - Fife Arms Bedroom - Scotland
Frederick The 3rd – Bespoke hand coloured prints & Hand Painted Frames – Scotland Fife Arms Bedroom – Scotland
Interior Design Hand Painted Frames - Scotland
Lost Prince Charlie Portrait and Scottish Highlander Prince Painting – Fife Arms Braemar Scotland

Hand Painted Artwork & Hand Painted Frames

The portrait of Frederick The 3rd, we printed on velvet fine art paper, hand coloured and aged the print. We also restored the damage to the gilt antique frame. The portrait hangs on the left hand side of the bed above in one of the bedrooms at The Fife Arms in Braemar, a village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, around 58 miles west of Aberdeen in the Highlands close to the Queen’s estate- Balmoral Castle.

Hand Coloured Frederick III - German Emperor
Hand Coloured Frederick III – German Emperor – Braemar – Scotland

Frederick William III, King of Prussia from 1797 to 1840.

I was provided with this black and white etching of Emperor Frederick 111 of Germany, I was requested to add colour throughout but leaving the face uncoloured. I used gouache watercolour, fabulous for its velvety tone. We then placed this into a bespoke frame.

Frederick William III was King of Prussia from 1797 until his death in 1840. He was concurrently Elector of Brandenburg in the Holy Roman Empire until 1806, when the Empire was dissolved. Frederick William III ruled Prussia during the difficult times of the Napoleonic Wars.

Prince Albert Caricatures Paris France

Prince Albert caricature - Eiffel Tower
Prince Albert caricature – Eiffel Tower in background

The Brief

Create in pen and ink, two caricatures of Prince Albert, incorporating certain characteristics of his lifestyle, for example- cigars, ladies, automobiles, Paris life, to be placed in the Prince Albert room.

Paris France - Prince Albert caricature
Paris France – Prince Albert caricature

Queen Victoria Family Photograph  (Hand coloured)

Queen Victoria Hand Painted Photograph
Queen Victoria Hand Painted Photograph

I was commissioned to hand tone, in ‘Sergeant Pepper’ colours, this Royal photograph of Queen Victoria, to go into the Queen Victoria bedroom. 

Scottish Portraits

Major General David Stewart of Garth

Hand Coloured Portrait of David Stewart
Hand Coloured Portrait of David Stewart – Braemar Scotland
Hand Coloured Portrait of David Stewart - Braemar Scotland
Hand Coloured Portrait of David Stewart – Braemar Scotland

We were asked to source an etching of Major General David Stewart of Garth. I was then asked to create a ‘sergeant Pepper’ style painted layer, onto him, using gouache watercolour, purposely leaving the face uncoloured then placing the finished artwork into a modern frame which we were asked to hand paint.

Marion Angus Portrait Painting

Portrait Marion Angus
Portrait Marion Angus

The Famous Scottish Poet 1865–1946

Marion Angus, the famous Scottish poet. I was asked to create a gouache watercolour painting from a very poor photo of her, incorporating a flavour of her poetic style.

She wrote in the Scots vernacular or Braid Scots, defined by some as a dialect of English and others as a closely related language. Her prose writings are mainly in standard English.

Portraits of Allan Ramsay Father & Son

Ramseys Hand Coloured Portraits
Ramseys Hand Coloured Portraits

Allan Ramsay, (senior) famous poet and Allan Ramsay (junior)  famous artist – I was asked to merge two separate images together, which once completed was framed and given a dedicated room to Ramsay, (junior) along with a self portrait and a portrayal by him, of his wife Margaret Lindsay of Evelick

Thomas Pennant Still Life

Hand Coloured Thomas Pennant Still Life
Hand Coloured Thomas Pennant Still Life

Thomas Pennant and James Boswell. I was given the challenge to add objects to a still life painting, in fine detail, for example the candle and flame, the writing on the page, the thistle, the name on the leather book spine, casts of light, etc…relating to the Scottish and Welsh travel literature that the famous writer, Thomas Pennant recorded and published. This hangs with much more related work to both Thomas Pennant and James Boswell, another famous Scottish writer and biographer, at the Fife Arms, Braemar.

Bespoke Artwork & Picture Framing enquiries 

Please email us with any ideas you might have regarding the project you you have in mind.
We will then look at your specific requirements and either discuss by phone or send you an email with a written quotation which we tailor to your requests.

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