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Chickens from Cambridgeshire.

Hi Penny, I’m sending several pictures of our three hens. The speckled one is named Tyrannosaurus Pecks (T Pex), the brown one is Henny Eggby and the gray one is Hen Solo (she is most difficult to photograph…the only decent shot of her has her beak covered in mash!)
ook forward to hearing from you.

Penny – 
This is fabulous! I love it and my wife is going to be thrilled. I can’t think of anything to alter at all. Really, stupendous work!!
Thank you so much for a beautiful piece of work. The hens are captured perfectly. Even Hen Solo’s wonky beak!
This is wonderful.

Ruby Macaws Painting
Ruby Macaws Painting

Trinidad and Tobago Commission.

This painting of two Ruby Macaws where commissioned by a client from Trinidad & Tobago of his Ruby Macaws that were being released back into the wild….

Parrot Painting

Parrot Painting commissioned from Edith Weston in Rutland

Commissioned a Bird Painting

If you would like to commission me to paint a bird painting for you, please telephone me on 07884 198748 or email your favourite cat photos to me with any ideas you might have regarding the painting you would like. Please use the contact form!

I will then look at your specific requirements and either discuss by phone or send you an email with a written quotation which will be tailored to your request.

A deposit of £50.00 is required before starting cat painting.
The remaining balance is to be paid before the painting is posted.

Kingfishers Painting
Barn Owl in Rutland
Barn Owl
Swan & Signets
Swan & Signets
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