Bespoke English Hand Made Picture Frames.

Hand finished, modern and traditional picture frames. Any finish, from gesso and paints to gilts and gold leaf frames.

Traditional Swept Picture Frames.

Often called a Rococo frame and originated in the Late Baroque period in Britain, also often called a Louis XV style frame.

Picture Frame English Swept H MA AW 2.5
English Swept H MA AW 2.5″
Picture Frame English Swept l SATIN WHITE 2.5
English Swept l SATIN WHITE 2.5″

Made in England

These beautiful crafted Picture Frames are hand made by a select team of craftsmen in the United Kingdom.
The British company has been lovingly producing handmade bespoke picture frames of any size dimensions for over 40 years.

Original 18th century, hand carved, box moulds are used to create authentic period designs. A plaster resin mix is used for decorations which is applied to the prime wood moulding, The frames are then carved and pieced by hand before colour finishes are achieved by a series of individual processes. Many layers of hand stippling in multiple colours are required for each individual finish. This is followed by gentle burnishing with an agate stone, finally being sealed with a delicate application of wax.

All the wood used in these frames are sourced from strictly monitored sustainable forests.

Picture Frame English Swept N DA 3.5
English Swept N DA 3.5″
Picture Frame English Swept M MA LGW 2.25
English Swept M MA LGW 2.25″

Chelsea Picture Frames

The Chelsea design is also called a Cassetta Frame.
Designed in Italy and first used in the sixteenth century. This frame was inspired by the Tabernacle Picture frame design.

Picture Frame Chelsea A CR285 2.75
Chelsea A CR285 2.75″
Picture Frame Chelsea B CR212 2.25
Chelsea B CR212 2.25″
Picture Frame Chelsea City B CR295
Chelsea City B CR295
Picture Frame Chelsea City C CR46
Chelsea City C CR46

Victorian Picture Frames

The Victorian frame was designed circa 1650-1720 in France during the Louis Xiii – Louis XiV reign.
This highly decorative picture frame has continuous decoration with acanthus corners. Other names include Running pattern and repeat pattern.

Picture Frame Victorian J Champagne 2.5
Victorian J Champagne 2.5″
Picture Frame Victorian F Pewter 4
Victorian F Pewter 4″

Florentine & Flute Picture Frames

The Florentine is based on picture frames designed in the second quarter of the 17th Century.
The flute picture frame has vertical concave channel with regularly spaced fluting, also called a fluted scotia frame.
This picture frame was designed in the 19th century.

Florentine E CR168 3"
Florentine E CR168 3″
Florentine F CR26 1.875
Florentine F CR26 1.875″
Florentine G CR169
Florentine G CR169 3″
Fluted D LA BW 1.75
Fluted D LA BW 1.75″

Reverse Picture Frames

The Reverse frame, has a simple meaning in that the highest point of the frame is next to the picture.
This frame dates back to the 17th Century,

Reverse J CR46 DIST 2.875
Reverse J CR46 DIST 2.875″
Reverse D CR219 2
Reverse D CR219 2″
Reverse K CR170 3
Reverse K CR170 3″
Reverse H CR103 1.5
Reverse H CR103 1.5″

Morland & Reeded Picture Frames

Neo Classical design with repeat decoration on the front and back edge of the picture frame.
Corner decoration is sometimes used.
Reeded frame consists of a series of ridges that resembles reeds.
Used in the late 19th century by artists such as Degas.

Morland H MA DIST 3
Morland H MA DIST 3″
Morland J CR104 3
Morland J CR104 3″
Morland l Ivory 1.75
Morland l Ivory 1.75″
Reeded F CR118 1.875
Reeded F CR118 1.875″

Louis Picture Frames

Based on the period of Louis Xiii and Louis XiV.

Louis C CR231 3
Louis C CR231 3″
Louis E CR46 3
Louis E CR46 3″
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