Dog Portraits Hand Painted

Norwich Terrier Portrait Painting

Norwich Terrier

Rottweiler Portrait


English Springer Spaniel Portrait

English Springer Spaniel

Welcome to my gallery of fine art dog portraits and dog paintings beautifully & meticulously hand painted in various styles.
I have a wide range of subjects from head & shoulder portraits to full body paintings with landscapes and a selection of gun & shooting dog paintings that will hopefully give you an idea as to what maybe possible.

Cocker & Springer Spaniel Paintings

Cocker Spaniel Portrait Painting

Cocker Spaniel Review

Hi Penny,
Apologies for the delay in contacting you to thank you so much for Ruddles portrait.
You have (as you did with our labrador in 1994) captured him exactly.
I love it.
Many many thanks.

Pauline x

Springer Spaniel Portrait

Springer Spaniel Review

Hello Penny,
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for all your hard work on the portrait of Mulberry. 
It is absolutely stunning, and now takes pride of place in our living room. Marcus was very shocked when I gave it to him, there was plenty of tears and he says it’s the best present he’s ever had.
So thank you so much, your AMAZING!!

Terrier & Jack Russel Paintings

Terrier in basket
Mr Frisk
Jack Russel Painting
Terriers Portraits Painting
Lucy, Bucket & Ollie


Hi Penny and John,
Thank you soooo much for painting such a lovely picture of my babies, you have captured the different identity of each so well.
Thanks again, 
love Annie. 

Dear John and Penny,
Just to say thank you for all your help & kindness in producing such a wonderful painting for Annie for our 50th.
She was thrilled. 
Her first words were…”WOW!”
Everyone who has seen it cannot believe how talented you are!
Well done you two!

Thank you so much again. 
Love Julie

Golden Retriever & Bull Dogs Paintings

Golden Retriever Painting

Golden Retriever Review

I was simply awestruck when I saw my gorgeous painting. 
I had no idea it was coming and for once I was speechless!
This is Jack through and through, brought to life in a beautiful detailed painting which has picked out his character perfectly.
I still cant stop looking at it in wonder.
Thank you for such a great job done; 
I will treasure it forever.

Christine Moran

Bull Dogs Spain
Milly & George

Bull Dogs from Spain

Hello Penny and John.
I would just like to thank you again for the dogs painting. 
The frame tops the picture off. Amazing so happy. 
Thank you so much. 
Can’t wait till Christmas to give it to my parents.


German Shepherd Portrait Painting

German Shepherd Portrait Review

Dear Penny
Many thanks for the beautiful portrait that your incredible talent produced of our beloved pet Alfie.
His expression in the portrait is so like him.
Our thanks also to John for his excellent framing and packing skills.
Finally, our grateful thanks to you both for a very professional work of art.

Beryl & Tony Bailey

Hungarian Wirehaired VIzsla

Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Review

Dear Penny and John
We wanted to say a big, big thank you for our portrait of Ernie. 
We still have to do a double take just to make sure you didn’t put the wonderful photo of him you took in there by mistake!
It is in pride of place and we absolutely love it. 
We also appreciate the detail that John went into choosing the frame to match our existing one. 

With our thanks and very best wishes for 2013. 

Jane & John McKinney

Cocker Spaniel Portrait

Cocker Spaniel Review

Penny and John,
Just a note to say ‘thank you’ to you both for the painting and the prints. Pat really loved the painting and it now hangs in her study.
The girls are also delighted with the prints, although they knew about the painting they didn’t have a clue that they were getting prints for themselves to keep.
With best wishes for 2009, 

Parson Russell Terrier Painting

Parson Russell Terrier Painting

Retriever & Cocker Spaniel
Louie & Finn

Cocker & Retriever Painting

Dog Portraits

Dog Paintings

Black Lab Portrait

Black Labrador

Giant Schnauzer Painting

Giant Schnauzer

Pomeranian Dog Portrait Paintings

Pomeranian Painting

Terrier Portrait Leicestershire
Milo Leicestershire

Terrier Painting

German Shepherd Finland

German Shepherd Painting from Finland

Pug Portrait
Chloe from Switzerland

Pug Portrait from Switzerland

Black Lab Portrait

Black Labrador Portrait

Bichon Frise Paintings from Peterborough

Bichon Frise Portrait
Bichon Frise Painting
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Painting

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

English Bull Dog Painting

English Bull Dog

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier

Scottish Terrier Paintings

Scottish Terriers
Monty & Zack
Scottish Terrier Painting

Stafordshire Bull Terrier & Jack Russell Painting

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Portrait
Jack Russell Portrait
Shar Pei Portraits
Rolo and Magnus

Shar Pei Painting from Whitwell in Rutland

Golden Retriever Painting
Golden Retriever Painting

Golden Retriever from Cambridgeshire

Dog Portraits

Dear John and Penny,

We actually had our family party at the end of February. I’ve been waiting ever since to see who took the photos of Frank unpacking the portrait of Tilly so I could send you a copy.
Unfortunately it seems every one thought someone else was taking a photo!
Anyway everyone was delighted with the portrait especially Frank who hadn’t seen the photo you had sent me.
You are so talented Penny.

One of our son’s said he had been wondering how you were going to paint Tilly’s fur and, like the rest of us, was very impressed with your result.
Her hair started to shed, which it shouldn’t do. I believe it is because we can’t use a commercial conditioner on her so her hair has become very dry now she has to be washed 3 times a week.
So I found a conditioner recipe which contains an egg, honey, cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil and steeped camomile flowers. It’s only the added lavender that stops her smelling like a sweet omelette!
Thank you both for all your hard work
Our regards to you and your family, Ann and Frank Preston.

Dear John and Penny.
Many thanks for the wonderful portrait of Tilly , it was a great present and I was very delighted to have received it . Penny , you are truly talented , how did you paint the hair so perfectly ,and her natural smile ? It Is like her in many ways.
It is amazing how you turn a blank canvas to such a delightful picture .
Very well done and thank you .

Dog Painting
Springer Spanie Painting
Alsatian Painting

Alsatian Painting

Thanks Penny, not sure how you did all this so quickly but it has been a great success. Everyone has said you have got him perfect and I really like the background with the bluebells.
We are all happy with the 2nd proof. It looks great.
What happens next?

Black Lab in Peak District

Black Lab Painting in the Peak District

Pepper was painted in his favourite Landscape in the Derbyshire Dales

Cocker Spanie Pet Portrait

Cocker Spaniel from Manchester

Hi Penny
Sorry to keep you stewing!! The painting arrived but then I had to take Lewis for a walk as we have been waiting in all morning for it to arrive (I didn’t want to go out earlier & risk missing the delivery)…..
Thank you so much Penny, Ted’s portrait is a STUNNING MASTERPIECE…the likeness you have captured is so incredibly lifelike that he could almost walk off the page. I LOVE IT – I knew it would be good but I didn’t expect it to be this good!!!
The frame is so beautiful & the oval mounts are just perfect – thank you for sorting these out for me. I am really happy with the overall size & can’t wait to get him on the wall
My heart hasn’t stopped thumping since I opened it, as soon as I calm down I will give you a ring to thank you personally.
Very Best Regards
Golden Retriever Portrait

Golden Retriever Painting

Thanks so much Penny, you have done a fantastic job. Really delighted, looking forward to receiving it. I know Charlie will really love it. I will make sure to recommend you on, you have been a pleasure to work with and obviously very talented!
Warm wishes


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