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I create beautiful Pet Portraits from photos hand painted of your favourite pets and animals. I also undertake house, landscape and other commissions. I have a wide range of original landscape and floral paintings for sale and I also sell  Limited Edition Prints
Furthermore, I work in a variety of painting mediums that include gouache watercolour, soft pastel, acrylic and oil.
These mediums enable me to capture pet portraits in fine detail. Giving the portraits a rich use of colour, allowing a tremendous amount of realism.

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Pet Artist born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire & lived in Leicestershire.

I was born in Harrogate in North Yorkshire and spent my primary years at a PNEU school at East Leake near Loughborough in Leicestershire. My memories of this school are strong. Therefore, as a result, I remember going on nature walks, picking flowers with the head mistress Miss Booth. She was an accomplished painter of watercolours especially of wild flowers. Miss booth would collect flowers with us to bring them back and sketch in class. Because of this it was discovered that I was quite an accurate pencil sketcher at this young age.
When I was ready for secondary school, I went to Morcott Hall School for Girls. The school was located in the small village of Morcott now in the county of Rutland. As a result of going there, I was fortunate enough to have an exceptional artist as my teacher, John Walton. He had previously been the art teacher at Oakham School, which is an independent school in Rutland. He was a well known artist in his own right with a large following of people locally in Rutland and beyond.

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Rutland & Stamford Pet Portrait Artist

“Honed my artistic pet portrait skills in Rutland.”

Mr Walton immediately became aware of my early ability to accurately draw and paint. For this reason he nurtured me through my years at Morcott Hall School, and through my art 0’level. He then encouraged me to go on to A’level on the next leg of my scholastic journey, which would be at the Rutland Sixth Form College in Oakham.
Therefore, taking Mr. Walton’s advice with A’level art I also did A’level History of fashion. Having spare time on my hands I was encouraged to take up pottery as a hobby but immediately my teacher Mr Ned Heywood said, “ you should do this for 0’level Penny”
Furthermore, during the next lesson he said, “and I think you should do this for A’level too”, so I did. As a result, these three subjects were a great combination, giving me a well rounded understanding of 2d and 3d perspective.

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Pet Portrait Artist went to Loughborough College of Art and Design

When A’levels were completed, I successfully applied and went to The Loughborough College of Art and Design. I studied life drawing, sculpture in clay, photography, plus 3d work that helped to direct me onto the path I am still on today.
My career as a Pet Portrait Artist started, painting Pet Portraits on my father’s Farm, at Cold Overton near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, after leaving Loughborough Art College in 1984.
Having a long history of artists in my family line, my mother’s parents painted in oils. Grandpa was an an accomplished architect, he also painted landscapes. My grandmother painted beautiful fruits and flowers, she was an accomplished seamstress too.. 
My mother, who died when I was 12 years old from multiple sclerosis, studied at the Harrogate School of Art during the 1940’s. In the second World War she became a red cross nurse. She recorded some fascinating  scenes from that era and time. Using pencil, pen and ink and also watercolour, she depicted the life and activities of ordinary people at their workplace i.e. nursing, fire service, hair dressers, trams and dockyard scenes etc. 
Many fond memories I have of her teaching me, as a child of between five and eight years old. Her pencil sketching and watercolour techniques were amazing, even though her lessoning ability to have a steady hand was, to me, evident.

UK & International Pet Portraits Artist

I love painting pet portraits & I am very passionate about my work. My aim is to achieve the best quality pet portraits that have a realistic likeness to your animal. 
I have been commissioned from all over the UK and many commissions abroad. I am very happy to take on international commissions and have shipped four framed paintings to  Alaska..

Sir Henry Tate commissioned me to paint the Cottesmore Hunt opening meet at Preston Lodge many moons ago. Hunting commissions are something I also enjoy doing.
I am also an accomplished architectural, landscape and floral painter too.

Along with my husband John we also have a bespoke picture framing workshop and art gallery at the village of Exton in Rutland.
Our address is in the footer at the bottom of this page.

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